Datebox, August 2016: Purpose

14039946_10207566436423074_8308632258358416611_nI was so excited to finally receive our first Datebox this month and, naturally, wanted to share my thoughts right here!

For those who don’t know, Datebox is a monthly ‘box’ service where, each month, you receive a “date in a box.” Each month is different, and it’s designed to get couples to go back to having “date nights,” even if you’re busy, married, have kids, etc. I thought this was such a cute idea when I stumbled upon it and just had to give it a try.

Our August month’s box was themed “Purpose” and was designed to have us think about our relationship and its purpose, particularly in the larger scheme of the world. Each of us, both as individuals and in our respective relationships, has a purpose, and finding that purpose is so incredibly gratifying. In addition to its date night contents, the box included a list of conversation starters which we’ll hopefully use in the future!

This month’s box included what realistically could be three separate dates – or at least that’s how we’re using it. If you’ve got the time & energy, you could do them all at once.

CqZs8BeXgAAWRQWFirst, the box included everything needed to make two kinds of tea: cranberry orange black tea, and apricot coconut green tea. The instructions were pretty straightforward, and this really didn’t take long at all. We had to toast the coconut, but other than that, it was really just chopping & mixing. In the end, we came out with two jars filled with each type of tea (dry), ready to be put into teabags & made. We plan to share these with some of our family members in the hopes that they can enjoy the finished product!

Our second piece was marbling mason jars, which you could then use as drinking mugs. This part of the date was a little bit rougher and as a result, the end product wasn’t the *greatest,* but hey, it’s still okay. I’ve never done any marbling before, but the key is to use room-temperature water. Our kit included the jars, three colors of nail polish & stir sticks to make patterns.

The first time we tried, the water was clearly not the right temperature, and all the nail polish clumped onto one of the stir sticks when we went in to make patterns. So I refilled our bowl, let the water sit over 24 hours – and it STILL wasn’t room temperature! In the end, I mixed in some warmer water until I felt like it was okay, and then we did our marbling and it turned out alright. I still couldn’t really make any patterns, and a lot of the polish ended up clumping on the outside of the jar, but some of it ended up looking okay! We’ve left our jars to dry and then, well, I guess we can drink out of them (but I’ll be giving the mouthpieces a nice wash beforehand, considering I dumped the jar into nail polish-tainted water….)

CqZs8BjWYAIZewXThe third piece of our date includes everything needed to make sugar cookies – well, pretty much everything, anyway. The cookie mix and frosting is included in the box, as well as some bags & containers for the finished cookies to share. Unfortunately, what’s not included is a rolling pin (which I don’t actually own?) or the counter space to roll out the dough, which is again, something that’s a little tough to find in my apartment right now. Also not included: flour, which you need so the dough doesn’t stick as you’re rolling. As a result, we haven’t done this part of our date yet but hopefully can figure it out soon!

Overall, this Datebox was fun, and more important than anything else, it gave us a chance to have a “date night” and try something new together! I’m currently on a month-to-month plan because I’m still trying this one out, but I think this is a great idea. It’s so important for couples to keep dating, even if you’ve been married 20 years! And I know how difficult it can be to find the time, money, or things to do, but in the end, your relationship is worth it!

If you’re interested in signing up for this awesome Datebox, you can save $10 off your first box by using my link here!


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