My First HelloFresh Box Review!

One of the challenges I’ve found with living on my own has been trying to mix it up when it comes to dinner. Sometimes, it seems like my husband and I eat the same meals all the time, with our grocery list pretty much the same every time we go shopping. I’ve been looking for ways to introduce some new foods into our dinners and try my hand at cooking (I’ve mostly stuck to simple things like boxed pasta dishes on the stovetop), and decided to give HelloFresh a try.

I’ve read about a few different brands of “meal boxes” or “meal delivery services” and found a coupon for 50% off my first HelloFresh box. For the two of us and three meals a week, that meant my first box was just $34.95 — averaging to about $5.82 per meal, per person. I figured, hey, what the heck, I might as well at least try it!

That I did. My first box came on Saturday morning and I dove head-first into the first meal on Monday evening!

First up: honey mustard salmon with roasted asparagus and Israeli couscous pilaf. Honestly, as a person with limited cooking skills (aside from watching lots of cooking shows), I’m floored that I made this. It not only looked fantastic (see: photo above), it also TASTED delicious! I will say, being a beginner, the prep time was more like 15-20 minutes than 10, if only because I’ve never chopped a shallot before (holy burning eyes, Batman) and wanted to make sure I got everything just right. But overall, the meal took just about 30 minutes from stove to table and it was fantastic. The salmon was perfectly cooked, the couscous was al-dente and the asparagus added a nice touch. In the future, I’d consider swapping the couscous for perhaps another sort of pasta to mix things up, but I think this is a recipe I could handle on my own again.

Next up: Crispy Parmesan chicken salad with spinach and roasted potatoes (with a lemon/sour cream dressing that was light & super yummy!)

This one required a little less prep than the salmon, with really no chopping involved, aside from cutting up the potatoes. Overall, it was right around 30 minutes from stove to table and once again, it was delicious. I knew from the get-go that I was going to like this one, and boy, was I right. The breading was perfect – crispy and flavorful on top of the chicken, which wasn’t dry at all (and the sour cream on top helped, too!) The dressing for the spinach & roasted potatoes was light, yet flavorful. I don’t think I would’ve ever though to mix cold spinach and warm, fresh-out-of-the-oven roasted potatoes, but it was a great, yummy mix! I’m absolutely saving this recipe to use again.


Finally, day 3: Mole-spiced steak tacos with poblano and Mexican corn salad. I don’t have much of a review of this one, mainly because, well, I didn’t eat. I don’t really eat red meat and my husband isn’t big into spicy things so we made a lot of shortcuts. I did use the mole spices on the steak, which my husband said wasn’t bad. But I left out the poblano and the onion as well as the chili powder. The nice thing is, the recipe didn’t really *need* any of those things so we were still able to mostly make it. Still, I probably wouldn’t do this one again.

Overall, I loved my first HelloFresh meal box! And here’s a neat tip for you: YOU can save $40 off your first box using my referral code (22252529G9XU) now!


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