What Are You Passionate About?

“To feel passionate about something is to feel alive.”

To anyone who’s reading this, I challenge you to spend just ten minutes of your time thinking: what are you passionate about? Are you pursuing it to the best of your abilities, right now? What’s standing in your way? How can you overcome that?

We all have passions in life. Passions are what make life worth living! Being invested in something and feeling the drive to pursue it, to put your best effort into it, to always keep trying something new, to keep doing it — it’s what makes life worth living every day, and it’s what often helps me push through. Are there times when I feel worn out, tired, or ready to give up (or at least take a break)? Absolutely. (And of course, it’s not good to overwork yourself to the point of exhaustion! Self-care is crucial in the game of life!) But sometimes we just have to take a few minutes to re-center ourselves on our goals, our passions.

One of my passions is, of course, writing. But hockey – often combined with writing – is also one of my passions. I do social media & web work for a local junior hockey team; I also write about women’s sports for an independent website; my husband is also incredibly involved in hockey as well. Those long days at the rink can be, well, long, sometimes. There are days when I’m incredibly glad at the end of the game to go home – I’m freezing from spending hours in the (literally) ice-cold rink, my hands hurt, I’ve got a headache, my back aches from my admittedly-terrible posture. These are the days that make me want to put it all on hold; especially when it’s day after day with game after game – these are the days that make me glad, at times, that there’s an offseason. A time to rest, for rejuvenation. Oftentimes, it’s that time away from the rink that returns me to my passion.

Sometimes, it is about taking some time away to recollect yourself and to really consider whether something is a true passion or not. Sometimes it’s just about giving yourself a break. And sometimes, it’s just about reconnecting with yourself and examining if you’re still passionate about that thing, and if you are, what you can do to keep pursuing it, and if you aren’t, to think if you should stop.

For the record – I don’t plan on stopping. I consider myself incredibly lucky to have passions in life – writing, hockey, etc. – and I don’t plan to just give those up. Because after all, those are some of the things that make life most worth living.


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