The Bold Type Is Must-Watch Girl Power TV

The Bold Type / Facebook
The Bold Type / Facebook

What’s not to like about Freeform’s newest show, The Bold Type? (And did I type that in bold to be ironic or not?) Seriously, folks, if you’re not watching this show – you’re missing out!

The Bold Type surrounds the lives of three working women (portrayed by Katie Stevens, Meghann Fahy and Aisha Dee) in New York City, who happen to be best friends and all work at Scarlet magazine. The show’s premise is based on the lives of writers at the real-life Cosmopolitan magazine, and the show is the perfect mix of feminism, fashion, social issues, girl power, journalism, NYC life, romance and friendship.

How often do we see such authentically-portrayed friendships between women on television? These characters – Jane, Sutton and Kat – are so real that it’s easy to identify with them. And though they’re all trying to make it in the world, they’ve put their friendship as a priority, too. At the same time, each character has its own personality.

In just the first six episodes, the show has discussed topics including: dealing with a new job, how to go for a promotion/raise, harassment in social media, sex, sexual identity, gender inequality, how professional women are often talked about more for their fashion than anything else (clearly an homage to the ‘coverage’ of Hillary Clinton’s paintsuits); immigration, racism, politics, breast cancer awareness and personal & professional responsibility.

And that’s only a few episodes in! I for one cannot WAIT to see what else this show has in store. It’s incredibly empowering in showcasing strong women who are also human. Take for instance, the episode from August 8. Jane’s character becomes more real to viewers as she faces the reality of breast cancer and her family history head-on. In addition, Jacqueline, who has at times been presented as a hard-ass boss, opens her home and her family to Jane in order to show her life beyond the office. (Bonus point: the actor playing Jacqueline’s husband on the show is her husband in real life!)

Is this show perfect? Obviously, nothing can be perfect. (For instance, I struggle with the relationship between Sutton and Richard, one of the magazine’s board members. As much as the show wants you to root for them, it’s hard to ignore the implicit inappropriate aspect of it all.)

But the show tackles real-life issues in a very important way, and it’s refreshing considering the current political climate of our country. From talking openly about breast cancer and testing to discussing sexual identity both in the US and elsewhere; from discussing the portrayal of women in the media to immigration, racism and other real-life topics… this show is doing some important work.

Initially, three things attracted me to watch The Bold Type. First off – I was intrigued by the idea of a show about three professional women, considering I myself am one! Second, I’m quite a fan of Katie Stevens, dating back to her Faking It days. Third, the same can be said about Aisha Dee, from her Chasing Life days.

I am SO glad I picked up this show, and I can’t wait to see what lies in the future! You can watch episodes of The Bold Type on Freeform’s website or on-demand through your cable company.



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