My First thredUP Box!

Finally! Who else loves getting packages in the mail, even if you know exactly what’s coming? It’s so much fun. Today, my first thredUP box came!*

*(Technically it’s my second box – but the first one never showed up, unfortunately. USPS says it was delivered, but I never got it. After some trouble, I was finally able to contact thredUP customer service, mostly through Twitter, and they refunded me the full cost of my order including shipping!)

Under the cut to see what I got – and how much money I saved off retail prices!

I bought four items for a total of $52.32, including tax and shipping.

This Worthington pullover sweater is so cute! It retails for about $20 and I got it for $7. I love the color (one of my favorites!) and the jewels at the top near the collar make it unique. The part I love the best – which is hard to photograph – is the back, which is super light and flowy.

This Moda International short-sleeve t-shirt is simple and adorable! It retails for $28 and I paid $10 for it. It’s a size large and it’s a *teensy* bit tighter than I would prefer/would normally buy in this style t-shirt but I can pull it off.

The details on this Comme Toi long sleeve blouse are what really make it for me. How gorgeous is this lace detail? I got this shirt for $12.99 when it retails for about three times that!

My last piece is this Luxe casual dress, retail value $60! I got it for $13.99. The pattern is different and it’s bright and fun and I just love that. It’s unfortunately tighter than I expected, so I’m not sure how much I’ll honestly wear it, unless I lose some weight or gain some confidence! In other words – if I tried this dress on in the store, the way it is, I would not have purchased it. Alas, it’s mine now.

Altogether, these four items retail for about $144, which means I saved almost 63 percent!

The verdict… will I use thredUP again? When I’m in the market for some new (“new”) clothes – absolutely! I’ll perhaps think about sizing up on some items so I don’t run into the tightness issue again though. And of course – when shopping, keep in mind the item quality/condition. Not everything is ‘like brand new’ or ‘new with tags.’ Some of the items that were supposed to be in my first box actually needed a little love, and maybe if it ever shows up I can give them some 🙂


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