Copygirl: I Really Wanted to Like This Book

When I read the back of “Copygirl,” which calls the book a meeting of Mad Men and The Devil Wears Prada, I was excited to read it. I saw the book at a Barnes and Noble and the next day, picked it up at my library.

Not even a quarter through the book, though, I was disappointed. Kay is a female copygirl at an ad agency in NYC, which obviously comes with its ups and downs – but almost instantly, her story gets overwhelmed by the fact that she’s in love with her coworker.

Who she is good friends with and partners with often.
Oh, and she lets him live at her apartment?
But they’re not actually a thing, and he doesn’t know she’s in love with him.

Okay then. That, I guess I could deal with, even the cliches.

But then (spoiler alert!), our protagonist sees online video of her crush/coworker at a strip club when he’s supposed to be heading to the office to help her with their work. (It was obvious he wasn’t coming to the office, though.) And of course, he’s seen – on video! – hooking up with a fellow coworker.

Let me reiterate: our protagonist is in love with this guy, but has never told him, and lets him live on her couch. She then has the nerve to get angry at him, and angry at the female coworker, for their hookup. Not very feminist of her, though she’s never claimed to be one. But just… really? It had me shaking my head. Just because you claim to be in love with this guy doesn’t mean he owes you anything – even if he did know about your feelings. Him, and your female coworker, are free to do as they please! Calling her all sorts of names is just downright childish.

I mean, our main character is supposed to be 24, and what does she do? Takes all of his sneakers and throws them at the wall in her apartment. Breaks some CDs. All because… a guy she thinks she’s in love with, who has no idea of her feelings, hooked up with a willing coworker.

I can’t roll my eyes hard enough.

To be fair – the book does get better as it goes on. Eventually, our protagonist sees the light, even after some bad, bad calls in judgment regarding this guy and her life/work situation. Eventually, she even becomes friends with her female coworker! And they kick ass together!

So honestly? I’m torn on how to review this one. I hated the first bit of it, but it got better as it went on, and in the end, it wasn’t a bad read. Obviously we all have flaws, no one’s perfect, but it’s all about that personal growth in the end. It’s all about living YOUR authentic, unique life, for yourself, and being who YOU are. And if that’s not a damn good lesson, I don’t know what is.


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