100 Things To Love About Buffalo, NY


Today – July 16 – is affectionately known as #716Day in the Buffalo, NY area. It’s a wonderful day for Buffalonians and ex-pats alike to celebrate this fair city and all the incredible things it has to offer. As someone who’s lived in Buffalo my whole life – 24 years – I simply have so much love for this city. It’s my home, and even on those days when it seems less than perfect, it’s where I feel like I belong.

What better day than today to share my “Buffalove” with all of you?

So — here it is: my list of 100 things to love about Buffalo, NY.

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The Gender Gap in Newspaper Bylines

Last week, I came across a survey about the gender gap between male and female bylines at major newspapers across the United States. Newspapers surveyed included The New York Times, The Denver Post and The Chicago Sun-Times, and numbers were compiled from about 27,000 pieces of content produced during three months in 2014. The survey was engineered by the Women’s Media Center.

The numbers were generally not great. Male bylines largely outnumbered female bylines at most of the newspapers surveyed, including a 68 percent to 32 percent gap at The New York Times.

You can access the full report here, but it really struck a chord with me. As a journalism graduate (hello, Buffalo State College, class of 2012), and a female in that subject, it’s quite depressing to see the gender gap here, especially at some of the biggest newspapers in the country.

My curiosity was piqued, so I decided to undertake this project on a local level. For the month of June, I’ll be looking at the daily editions of The Buffalo News and comparing the percentage of male bylines to female bylines.

For the first week of June, male bylines outnumbered female bylines by a margin of 354-155 at The Buffalo News. This is a massive gender gap, albeit in just a one-week timeframe. Male bylines outnumbered female bylines EVERY day, including 56-21 and 59-19 numbers on Wednesday and Thursday of that week.

In addition to tallying overall daily counts, I broke it down by section. Muhales outnumbered females in EVERY section, aside from Sunday’s special Home & Style/Travel section. Male bylines outnumbered female bylines by a 55-8 margin in the sports section, and by a 48-16 margin in the business section. In the “cover” section, which includes the biggest local news, as well as national and world news – often pulled from the wire and written originally by reporters from papers such as The Los Angeles Times – women were outnumbered 82-37.

Even in the opinion section, women were vastly outnumbered by men, by a 58-20 margin.

The section where female bylines appeared the most: arts & entertainment. But even there, male bylines outnumbered the female bylines by a 48-38 margin, including a 21-4 margin in Thursday’s special “GUSTO” section.

For a full daily breakdown of the numbers, check out this PDF: Gender Gap TBN June 2015 Week 1.

A Fair Response to “An Ode to Riding the Metro Bus”

Last week, I read an article published in The Buffalo News that was titled “An Ode to Riding the Metro Bus,” written by Buzz News Columnist Mary Kunz Goldman. As someone who’s been riding the NFTA-Metro bus for essentially my entire life, it’s obviously a topic that piques my interest and I was curious to read the piece. Goldman’s piece highlights some of the positives of taking the metro bus, while realistically pointing out that the Buffalo transit system isn’t perfect.

As someone who’s been taking the bus daily for years, I really felt that this article just… didn’t do enough for me. I wanted to write my own piece, not just on the positives of the bus, but also on the negative aspects which Goldman really just touches the surface of.

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The Winter Wonderland in Western New York

B25FpqYIMAEf68s  Ahh, winter in the wonderful world of Western New York. Well – technically it’s still autumn, as winter doesn’t begin for another month, on December 21, but you get the idea. The snow has officially begun falling in Buffalo and the surrounding areas, temperatures have hit below freezing for long periods of time, and it feels more like winter than fall out there.

But have no fear. Even though the snowflakes are falling and temperatures dropping, there’s still plenty to do in the Buffalo area. I’ve compiled this list for those of us who are looking to shake out of that cabin fever, maybe try something new, or revisit an old adventure.

Either way, there’s no excuse for staying home throughout the winter in the 716 — plenty to do and plenty to see…. provided there’s no travel ban, that is. If that’s the case, please stay home and obey the laws, of course. But provided the streets are clear and you’ve got the green light, get out there and enjoy the winter wonderland of Western New York.

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Surviving Snowvember in Buffalo, NY


Welcome to to the crazy weather that is Buffalo, NY. Just last week we had a lovely day of sunshine and 50-degree weather, but what a difference a few days can make. We’re currently in the midst of a huge winter snowstorm that’s been officially named Winter Storm Knife and christened Snowvember by many others.

It all began Monday, which oddly enough was my 24th birthday. After working a regular shift, I went to dinner to celebrate. That’s when the snow started.

It’s about a 15-minute drive from Cracker Barrel to my house, which is in Buffalo, near Sloan and not far from South Buffalo. The drive home was…. progressively worse. You couldn’t see in front of you, the snow was coming down so hard. Also: lightning. The last time I saw lightning with snow was the October Storm of years ago. Thankfully, we made it safely back to the house – and that’s where we’ve basically been ever since.

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