30 Day Poetry Challenge: Day 30

Day 30- Write a poem employing extended metaphor to illustrate the experience of the last thirty days.

My writing is like the winter;

It is not always present, nor always fair,
At times it may seem too extreme,
The wind ripping away every fabric of your being,
Harsh, aggressive, gritty, tough.
At times it may seem pretty,
Like the white new snow fallen down,
Soft, beautiful, yet cold to the touch.
Sometimes it is here, other times it is gone,
Sometimes you may not notice it at all.
It is a rebirth of sorts,
A chance to grow,
But also to die,
To live, to love, to jump, to fall,
Sometimes you may play in it like a child, youth,
Other times the cold is so bitter that even adults should shy away.
But through this past 30 days,
I have forced myself to walk through the wind, the snow, the bitter cold,
So that I shall meet the doors to the building that allows me inside,
This escape, this warmth, this hope that has been brought to me.


30 Day Poetry Challenge: Day 29

Day 29- Briefly research a poetic form of your choice and write a poem according to the rules of that particular form.

I’m going to try my hand at epistle today.

The Things You Must Do

Dearest dear,
If you wish for me to return,
There are some things I shall require.

Foremost, an apology of sorts,
I don’t care if the words spill out of your mouth like tears,
All I need to hear is an “I’m sorry,”
In sincerity, that is step one.

What else could I be asking for,
You simply cannot fathom.
But I shall require your entirety of self,
Thrust into emotion,
Pulled into motion for the staying of our relationship.
For at the present moment I am absolutely uncertain,
If your concern for me ever existed at all.

Next I shall require,
A promise,
Told and kept,
That from this moment forward,
We shall coincide as equals, as friends, not enemies,
Make this something I shan’t regret.

After you’ve apologized,
And given me yourself,
And your word,
I shall require a motion of sorts
To put forth
This declaration of friendship
So that our selves shall be repaired.

30 Day Poetry Challenge: Day 28

Day 28- Visit a virtual art gallery and look around until you find a piece that intrigues you. Write a poem inspired by the artwork.

A Stream in the Wood (1865) - Asher Brown Durand
A Stream in the Wood (1865) – Asher Brown Durand

The piece I chose is A Stream in the Wood, an 1865 oil painting by American painter Asher Brown Durand.
(For credit’s sake, I found the photo here.)

Oh, there is beauty in nature.
Though no flowers grow from where I stand,
All ’round me is green and brown,
The beauty of it has not sailed o’er my head.

I stand by the stream in the wood,
Awaiting a call, a sign
Of hope, love, passion,
A notice that in this solitary world,
I am not alone.

The wind rustling through my hair,
It calms me, though it disturbs me.
The trees that surround me are
Shedding their skins,
Just as I do every few months to create anew.
The stream is light and lulling,
The water flows gently by my feet.

Each day I awaken and visit this
Solitary place of nature,
The beauty of it all has
Enchanted me.
I think perhaps
I shall sit for a while,

I shall sit by the stream in the wood.

30 Day Poetry Challenge: Day 27

Day 27- Begin with the title “The Poem I’d Never Write.” Then, write that poem.

The Poem I’d Never Write

Sometimes I can feel it coming on,
The pressure rising in my chest,
My heart beat racing, fast as a mouse,
Breathing slows and shallows,
My palms are sweaty, my stomach aches,
I am fully engulfed.

Where is my mind?
Lost at sea with no ship captain to be found.
This is crushing, debilitating, immobilizing,
I cannot think

The thoughts passing through my head
Are filled with darkness,
Absolute darkness.
Thoughts of
Oh, perhaps I should dispose of myself,
But through which vessel, I am uncertain.
Oh, perhaps I am not worthy of those around,
And how to become so I am not aware.
Oh, perhaps this world should be better off without me,
My presence a burden to be destroyed.
Perhaps my mistakes have obliterated my chances
At anything good or wonderful in this life.
No blood shall be spilt tonight aside from in my thoughts,
But with time,
I shall recover from this
Panic attack.

30 Day Poetry Challenge: Day 25

Day 25- Write a poem that includes all of the following words: pistachio, ink, pebble, weather, varnish.


I shall ink my skin with the marks of ten years,
Every storm that has rained upon me shall be remembered,
Every bruise from a pebble thrown shall remain.
I shall write the words upon my skin to
Display them whenever I shall need.
I shall draw upon myself in all colors,
Maroon and the deep blue of the ocean,
Pistachio yellow-green and black and white and all
Colors in between.
I shall varnish it all
So as not to forget
The storms that I have weathered.