30 Day Poetry Challenge: Day 30

Day 30- Write a poem employing extended metaphor to illustrate the experience of the last thirty days.

My writing is like the winter;

It is not always present, nor always fair,
At times it may seem too extreme,
The wind ripping away every fabric of your being,
Harsh, aggressive, gritty, tough.
At times it may seem pretty,
Like the white new snow fallen down,
Soft, beautiful, yet cold to the touch.
Sometimes it is here, other times it is gone,
Sometimes you may not notice it at all.
It is a rebirth of sorts,
A chance to grow,
But also to die,
To live, to love, to jump, to fall,
Sometimes you may play in it like a child, youth,
Other times the cold is so bitter that even adults should shy away.
But through this past 30 days,
I have forced myself to walk through the wind, the snow, the bitter cold,
So that I shall meet the doors to the building that allows me inside,
This escape, this warmth, this hope that has been brought to me.


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