2019: A Year of Intention

Well, I haven’t touched this blog in over four months, but with the beginning of 2020, I’m back and ready to look back at the year that was. 2019 was a big and largely great year for me, and it’s fun to look back now and think about all that happened.

Here are some of my highlights!


  • Saw Cameron Esposito at Helium Comedy Club (I am by no means a big comedy fan, it is very hard to get me to laugh, but it was a great night out with my husband, and how can you not love her focus on feminism, social justice and LGBTQ issues?
  • Did color commentary for a Jr. Sabres hockey game for just the second time ever.


  • Used a sewing machine for literally the first in my life.
  • Planned & executed a pre-game hockey ceremony to honor the “graduating” players from the Jr. Sabres. It went off without a hitch, everyone loved it and I look forward to doing it again!
  • Filled in on color commentary for the Jr. Sabres again!
  • Wrote a piece for VP that I’m super proud of regarding broadcasting of women’s hockey & how people speak about women’s hockey.
  • Went to Lumagination at the Botanical Gardens. It was magical.


  • Welcomed nephew #5 into the world!


  • Covered the NCAA Division-I Frozen Four. My first Frozen Four ever, and a pretty neat (if chaotic) experience. I’m really glad I got the chance to do this, especially with it being in Buffalo.
  • Was named OJHL Volunteer of the Year for my work with the Jr. Sabres. So grateful to work with such a fantastic team! (Technically this happened in March, but I went up to Oakville to receive the award in April.)


  • Our Texas trip, which was incredible! So many good things to point out about this trip, including that it was my first time flying, ever. Austin, Houston, San Antonio, Dallas. Hockey fun, baseball, family time, tourist things, sightseeing, lots of great food. I can’t wait to go back again soon, hopefully in 2021. (I’d better start saving.)
  • Went to a holistic wellness retreat about 40 minutes from Buffalo, which I won the chance to attend through my work/health insurance. It was super neat and a great experience – two days filled with essential oils, massage chairs, exercise time, nature, reflexology, meditation, yoga & more.
  • Saw The Art of the Brick exhibit at the Museum of Science. Definitely neat, if it ever comes to your city… check it out!


  • Went to a wedding in East Aurora that Ryan was asked to DJ, for a former Griffs hockey player. Although I didn’t really know either the bride or groom at all, it was a super fun night.


  • Celebrated three years of marriage.
  • Got to celebrate the marriage of two good friends.
  • Got to see my sister & nephews for a short little visit.


  • Flew to Charlotte (only my fifth flight ever, first solo flight, etc.) and then drove about 1,000 miles across the state of North Carolina as I spent a wonderful week with my sister & nephews. Explored Raleigh, Greensboro & Charlotte solo, plus had lots of fun around Greensboro, Winston-Salem @ camping with the family.
  • Saw the Jonas Brothers in concert.
  • Went to DC/Baltimore with Ryan for our friends’ wedding, an Orioles game and some tourist-y fun.


  • Went to PLAY/GROUND in Medina after missing it in 2018. It was really neat to see how a bunch of artists transformed a former school and there were so many unique installations.
  • Got surprised by the Jr. Sabres with an on-ice ceremony on home ice to receive my ring for being OJHL Volunteer of the Year.


  • Road trip to Georgetown to work a Raiders/Jr. Sabres game. Ryan did his usual PA/DJ, while I ran the scoreboard, did the online scoring & manned the penalty boxes.


  • Turned 29, which means that in 2020, I’ll be some significant age.
  • Officially joined Canisius hockey as a features writer!


  • Spent parts of a few wonderful days with my sister & nephews while they were in town for the holidays. They’re growing up so fast and it’s always so good to see them.
  • Covered the first regular-season outdoor game in NWHL history.
  • Filled in on color commentary for Canisius hockey for the first time.
  • Focused on really getting some good rest!
  • Did more radio talk about the NWHL.
  • Welcomed nephew #6 into the world!

A Year in Review: 2018

We’re eight days in 2019, but it’s taken me this long to have the stomach to be able to sit down and think back on what was 2018. It was a hell of a year for me – and I mean that, in many ways, it was absolute hell. It was messy from start to finish and filled with loss and grief and sadness, and I can honestly say I’ve never been so happy to put a calendar year behind me.

The year didn’t start off bad. Or at least, the first three days of 2018 were fine. I went to some hockey games, supported my husband in his endeavors, and enjoyed what I hoped would be a prosperous, happy year ahead.

Then, on January 4th, 2018, my father passed away unexpectedly at the age of 59 – one week shy of his 60th birthday. Obviously, that threw quite a wrench into the year for myself and my family.

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Reflecting Back on 2014

In mid-December of 2013, I posted a “reflection” entry, looking back on that year and all the new things I had done. Today, we stand at January 2015, so my apologies for being a bit late with this, but I’d like to keep it going and do a similar reflection entry for the year of 2014.

The year saw a lot of new, wonderful experiences for me. I was also able to re-visit some old places and enjoyed those, as well. I connected with some amazing new people and reconnected with old friends. Overall — it was a good year for me, so thank you, 2014, for treating me so well.

Here is my list, in bullet-type form:

  • Visited four new states (Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, Michigan)
  • An incredible Washington, D.C. trip including a visit to the Capitol, Library of Congress, Arlington National Cemetery, Georgetown, etc.
  • Solo trip to Detroit, Michigan and Windsor, Ontario for a pair of hockey games and sightseeing
  • Added another Finger Lake to my roster (Skaneateles)
  • Visited my third MLB ballpark // first NY Mets game
  • Visited four new NHL arenasĀ (NY Rangers, Washington Capitals, Philadelphia Flyers, Detroit Red Wings)
  • Got my second tattoo
  • Had the chance to attend TEDx Buffalo (first time)
  • Got a full-time job working in communications
  • Saw a wonderful host of theater, including Matilda: The Musical, Jersey Boys and Phantom of the Opera, all in NYC
  • Purchased season tickets to Shea’s and saw: Evita, Wicked, Joseph & The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, Mamma Mia, Cinderella
  • Attended many great concerts: Demi Lovato, Cher Lloyd, Fifth Harmony, X Ambassadors, Tokyo Police Club, 5 Seconds of Summer, One Direction

That was my year, boiled-down to 12 bullet points. While that list doesn’t even begin to cover the details, or even cover everything that made the year 2014 a spectacular one, it’s a good start.

I can only hope that whatever 2015 will bring, it will be just as good or perhaps even better. In this moment, I feel as though my life is on a great track, and I am so incredibly blessed to have all the wonderful opportunities I have. I hope that at the year’s end in roughly 12 months from now, I will be in just as great a place as I am now.


Reflecting Back On 2013

One thing I’d like to look back on as we approach the end of 2013 is all of the new things that I did throughout the course of the year. It should always be our goal to grow as a person, as an individual; to gain new experiences, try new things, meet new people, visit new places, etc.

It’s been my goal to do at least one new thing each month, and this is something I hope to continue in the year of 2014. Go somewhere new, try a new experience or just in some way – big or small – do something that I have never done before in my life.

Under the cut, in case anyone’s interested, is my list for 2013. (Of course, there’s still 14 days left in the year, so this list might expand!)

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