Reflecting Back On 2013

One thing I’d like to look back on as we approach the end of 2013 is all of the new things that I did throughout the course of the year. It should always be our goal to grow as a person, as an individual; to gain new experiences, try new things, meet new people, visit new places, etc.

It’s been my goal to do at least one new thing each month, and this is something I hope to continue in the year of 2014. Go somewhere new, try a new experience or just in some way – big or small – do something that I have never done before in my life.

Under the cut, in case anyone’s interested, is my list for 2013. (Of course, there’s still 14 days left in the year, so this list might expand!)


  • Visited Hamilton, Ontario for the first time (Hamilton Bulldogs game)


  • Went to my first London Knights game in London, Ontario
  • Took my nephew Jamison to his first Buffalo Sabres practice

MARCH 2013

  • Took ice skating lessons (seven weeks)
  • Finally purchased a Team USA WJC Jerry D’Amigo jersey I’d wanted for years
  • Saw the Windsor Spitfires for the first time
  • Attended five hockey games in as many nights

APRIL 2013

  • Saw R5 live in concert

MAY 2013

  • Went to my first Toronto Marlies playoff game in Toronto against a team other than Rochester
  • Took my mother to her first Toronto Marlies game in Toronto
  • Went to the Museum of Play in Rochester
  • First time attending a wedding of someone I was not related to

JUNE 2013

  • New York City
  • Saw Darren Criss live in concert
  • Visited Aurora, NY and Cayuga Lake
  • Began a communications internship with the American Red Cross

JULY 2013

  • Started Project 365
  • Attended Warped Tour
  • Visited Brockport, NY


  • Attended an OHL preseason game
  • Attended a Stanley Cup party
  • Saw Ke$ha live in concert


  • First time attending Pittsburgh Penguins training camp
  • Pittsburgh Pirates game
  • Visited Kitchener, Ontario
  • Horseback riding lesson
  • Donated blood


  • Saw Selena Gomez live in concert
  • Took advantage of Local Restaurant Week in WNY
  • First time carving a pumpkin at Halloween time
  • Visited Oshawa, Ontario


  • Got a credit card
  • Spent my first Thanksgiving away from home
  • Visited Eastview Mall in Rochester & the Outlet Mall in Niagara Falls


  • Attended my first football game in Toronto – Buffalo Bills vs. Atlanta Falcons
  • Began my first full-time job

I’m definitely excited to see what new things the year of 2014 can bring!


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