30 Day Poetry Challenge: Day 6

Day 6- Write a poem of any length incorporating every word from your latest Facebook status.

Today is a challenge,

But also a gift – after all

Isn’t that why they call it

The present?

But even when the day is rough,

And all hope seems lost,

And things seem dark,

There is good in every day.

You have to be your own light,

To lead the path, to show the way,

Please, please remember

You deserve so much more than this life has given you,

And you’re going to get it someday.

Today may be difficult,

It may not be a gift after all, or at least

It might not seem that way sometimes.

But I get by,

Reminding myself that

I am not one of them, I am not part of the darkness,

I’m part of the light and though I may not shine today,

I’ll burn brightly



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