30 Day Poetry Challenge: Day 16

Day 16- Respond to the poem you posted yesterday with a poem of your own.

Spontaneous me,
Jumping out from ‘neath the leaves,
Crisped orange, red, yellow in autumn’s glow.
The grass is sodden wet with muck and mud (I do not mind),
The sky deep blue above my head lies softly,
The clouds, a puff of white, here and there,
The tree standing tall and mighty, proud,
The bark of it, tough, rippled, rough against my barest hands,
The leaf I slip through my fingers, moistened by the morning’s dew,
The wild flowers floating ’round,
The wind that flows through my hair, pulling strand by strand apart.
Spontaneous me, I am here and now,
My feet planted firmly on the ground in shoes a bit too snug,
My toes can wiggle and feel the moist mud sneak in the cracks of my worn-out shoes,
My lungs breathing in the impeccable fresh autumn air,
My face feels the rays of the sun, sneaking between the clouds like children, playing,
The age of youth, the age of old, of love, of lust, of hope,
Of forgotten souls and deep despairing holes,
All lies within this individual vessel.
Resting myself in the folds of the grass,
Tucking myself into my everlasting bed,
Here one with nature, I shall become,

Spontaneous me.


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