Potential & Possibility

Potential (adj.); capable of being or becoming

Sometimes, life gets so wound up, so busy, so crazy, that it’s easy to forget just how amazing it is. How truly wondrous life can be, and how amazing it is that we ARE living, breathing, moving creatures and that life has so much potential. It’s so easy to get caught up in everything that we forget just how much potential life carries every single day.

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Those Moments

Have you ever had a moment where you stopped and realized exactly how¬†good life is sometimes? A moment where you realize that everything seems to be okay, you’re surrounded by people who care, and – check this out – you’re ALIVE, and you FEEL alive.

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Noticing the little things…

How often do we only look at the ‘bigger picture’ of something – a scene, a situation in our own lives, a photo? Allowing our brains to absorb only the biggest and most obvious details often leaves something to be desired. By not only wrapping our heads around a big picture but also taking time to notice and appreciate small details, we can get a better view of the world, what needs to change and how to change it.

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