30 Day Poetry Challenge: Day 19

Day 19- Imagine yourself doing any household task/chore, then write a poem using what you’ve imagined as an extended metaphor for writing.

Raking the leaves is like writing a poem. Sometimes there’s plenty to work with; it’s colorful and crunchy and floats all around you and you just can’t escape it until you wade your way through. Other times the leaves are all dead and gone and you’re left standing there with a rake and an empty hand. And every once in a while, there’s that ONE leaf you just can’t seem to pick up, no matter how many times you try to get it…. it continues to escape your grasp. Let me tell you, it’s incredibly frustrating, trying to take this leaf that just doesn’t want to give itself up, trying to write the very words that are trying so hard to stay imprisoned in your very mind. And one day, the wind will come so strong and blow it away and you may very well never see that leaf again.



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