30 Day Poetry Challenge: Day 20

Day 20- Write a narrative poem detailing a specific childhood memory.

(Sidenote before I begin: I’m trying so hard to even THINK of a childhood memory. What counts as childhood exactly, anyways? What age does that get cut off at? I’m guessing before you move into the “teen” range so probably around 11 or 12…. Hmm. Oh! Okay. I’ve got one that will suffice.)

Although I don’t recall exactly the year, it’s one day that I’ll never forget.
My mom and I, both big hockey fans,
We went to the Sabres carnival.
I think it was my first, probably 1998,
Gosh, I was so young back then.
Although I can’t seem to remember all the details,
There’s one part I won’t forget.
Standing, waiting in line to meet him,
My favorite, the greatest.
I was just a child, naturally I was nervous.
When the front of the line was mine,
I went up and he told me to sit on his lap,
(I was seven, mind you, so it was cute at the time.)
And I was nervous, but excited.
I closed my eyes,
I actually put my hands together to pray,
And in that moment, my mother snapped a photo.
Then the official photographer took our photo,
I smiled without hesitation then.
After all was said and done,
Mom and I walked away,
I was ecstatic, joyous, astounded,
I mean, I was a kid, and I had just met my hero
What else
would you

And as we walked away to our next destination,
We realized —
Oh crap!
We’d left my photo behind in the rush.
Circling back,
We got it back.
I cherish it to this day.


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